Help, Order not relevant to my gig


Help, I got an order not relevant to my gig. I know I can do that job, but not within 2 days. {Wait…wait…I design Cd Cover and not a digital art}. She Placed an order for the standard package and described her needs. she also added extras for $25. I asked her to cancel the order but she is not willing to do so,
I send her cancellation request many times, but never got a response. I don’t know if she is a mobile user. I am helpless.


She is not willing to cancel? If it is work that you feel you are able to complete eventually, you can try and instead “extend delivery day”. If it is completely not worth it then contact Fiverr support. They are rather fast in responding to most inquiries.


A good idea, I will wait for another 12 hours and will surely contact support. Can a mobile user accept the dispute, I am not sure about it, It seems like she doesn’t have access to the computer.


Ya, I am not too sure about that. I am sorry I can’t help you further, I know I have trouble with clients accessing documents that I send to them when they are on their phones. So I am guessing that might be the case.


I think that @misscrystal mentioned that some of her buyers couldn’t accept cancellations (mobile users, there was no button to accept, or something like that).


Thanks for the info, If that is the case, She can neither accept the Extended delivery time. One star review is on my way upon automatic cancellation.


Ya that would be the only fear with extending the delivery time is if they try to leave a bad review. But if she is really buying something that is not relevant with your gig, you have the complete right to request cancellation. I have had to do something like that recently as well, when someone purchased a $5 gig and wanted wayyy more out if it than what I usually do. Support ended up helping me cancel the gig. So I think it should be ok.


Then it’s best to contact Customer Support immediately and explain the problem.


I had a buyer dispute an order today because they accidentally ordered the wrong amount of gig multiples and wanted to cancel obviously and re-order - I was on my phone and could accept the cancellation, but it was a bit cumbersome, the UI was a bit ‘overlayed’ and it took me a while to figure out how to find the accept button back after I had written a short reply in the text box, so I can imagine it might be a problem on the phone.


From what I know, you can cancel an order through the ‘Resolution Center’ (click on an order and there should be a field for it on the top right). If the buyer does not respond within 48 hours, the order will be automatically cancelled.


Yes, Now all is well. They solved it. Thanks


I was not aware of it, I will keep that in mind, anyways thanks for the info.