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Help,Order started ,buyer did not submit the information

Hi everyone
yesterday, the client directly placed the order and fill the requirements by" I will share all detail by tomorrow"

I asked him to increase the delivery time but he did not do that and become offline.

Now order time is going to be ended, what should I do?
He did not back after placing the order.

Should I deliver any sample to avoid late delivery time?

Please give me suggestions.

Thank you


You are not allowed to use the delivery button to stop the time, only use it when delivering the complete works, otherwise, it is a false delivery and a violation.

Asked buyer to increase time if buyer is not replying then cancel order.

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cancellation will cause the order completion time down…

Empty delivery will be violation of fiverr ToS you will get warning or banned.

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yea problem resolved , client has incresed the delivery day by 3 :slight_smile:


best of luck…

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