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Help out a fellow editor/proofreader!


I am a professional editor and proofreader (and a native english speaker). Take a look at my gig if you want to help me improve it (or if you’re looking for a good proofreader). If you have any tips leave a reply!

Check out my gig here:

Hello from a fellow proofreader… albeit one on the other side of the Atlantic.

Your gig title states ‘I will expertly edit and proofread up to 1500 words in a few hours’ - but it’s displayed alongside “from $5”…

… however when you click on the gig, you then see $5 is actually for 750 words only.

I just think that sets a false promise.

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I agree with @english_voice. You need to Chan’s it to “up to 2500 words”. It’s misleading

So i should change it to “up to 2500 words” right?

Yea I guess…

I think you should go with 750 words so it matches the customers expectations, because

When you set it to “up to 2500 words” the buyer might be confused at first and feel kind of cheated. At least that’s how I would feel and that’s a reaction you’d probably not want to provoke.

No, I would say the exact opposite. Your gig title should relate to the lowest price - otherwise it becomes a bit like clickbait.

“I will proofread 750 words for $5”

Solid advice, @english_voice. That’s a great way to state it!

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Well I can edit up to 1500 words in a few hours, keep in mind the “up to.” So is my title conveying that information (cause I can do up to 2500 words in 2 days, and up to 1500 words in a few hours). Can you give me alternate titles that convey the same message as my current title? Thank you all for the help!

As @english_voice said in his initial comment - the title is displayed alongside “from $5” - so including 1,500 words is just a point of confusion, that I think might cause you some problems with buyers. Why not leave out the word count:

I will expertly edit and proofread your content in a few hours


Ok that title sounds great! Thanks for the help everyone!

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I’m glad you like it. I’ve used a title without mentioning word count for several years now, and it has worked fine.

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