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Help! Overwhelmed seller with a really important question over here

Hello Fiverrs!

I am in a bit of a weird position right now. I have suspended all my gigs except my translation ones (which are rather fast to do) because I am trying to finish my BA paper in the upcoming months. I thought I would only get small orders, and I even increased the time of delivery so I can take it slow. However, I just turned level 1(yay for me!) and now buyers can order multiple gigs and all that. Turns out it really worked against me time-wise.

I have a really nice buyer that has ordered before and it’s a joy to do work for him, it really is. This time he ordered like 6 orders, each being a multiple gig. I seriously thought I was going to feint when I saw it. I do not want to cancel so I see some sleepless nights ahead of me.

I was wondering if I now suspend the gig, in order to prevent even more orders (yes, I am aware people on Fiverr have the opposite problem) will something happen to the orders that I have ongoing for that gig? So will the orders I have now get cancelled or something if I suspend the gig they were placed on? God, I hope I’m making sense here I am so confused myself…

Yes that helps a loooot! I feel like I can finally breathe:)))

Thank you so much!

I can’t see any incomplete orders anywhere so I guess everything is fine. I never had a problem with this buyer, I worked with him/her before and everything worked well. This was just overwhelming and quite surprising. I just started on Fiverr about a month ago thinking it will take a long time to get my level(s) up and then not have to start from scratch in the summer. Work is work though, so I am very grateful it turned out this way.

Thanks for your advises and your quick reply! :slight_smile: