Help - Paid for Fiverr gig but seller has now closed account without refund


I’m wondering what the protocol is when a seller takes your money then closes their account without paying the money back? Does this happen much round here? If so, what do I do to get my money back (if indeed I’m covered)?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Did they deliver your order?


No. It’s due now, but the reason I have posted is because she no longer has an account so, I don’t know what is up. Why would somebody delete their account? I’m not kicking up a stink yet as I don’t know if she can reactivate account and post the gig to me (maybe she has a lot of work on and it’s her way of getting on top of things) but, I’m just suspicious abut her deleting her account.


Well if anything, she may have been suspended or removed by the Fiverr team. The reason I asked if she delivered your order or not was because it takes 15 days for the payment to process AFTER the order is completed. So since no order was completed you should easily be able to have your money returned to you. If you have the order form you can contact Customer Support just to make sure. They are always extremely helpful to buyers when it comes to situations like this. :slight_smile:


Thanks very much madyr9228 :slight_smile: I just wanted to be prepared but if it’s pretty straight forward in getting a refund, then I’m happy.

Do I just take a screen shot of the invoice and post it to Customer Services or give them the order number/code? I can’t cancel order via seller because she’s not there.



Exactly! :slight_smile: You should be able to get it all figured out from there. They do give refunds, it might just take a few days to get it all sorted out. :slight_smile: