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Help! payoneer did not verify my account

My name is Blesstolu,
My sent funds from fiverr to Payoneer is on pending. Payoneer asked me to upload my details for verification which I did.
Unfortunately, they rejected the document I sent saying they need the permanent card and to get the permanent card in my country takes about 5 years.I told them this is the only document I have but they wouldn’t agree to me.
Pls what do I do?

and you do not have the original document that you used in your country? A friend happened to him the same but he used the original documents of his country for example a “passport” and they accepted it quickly.

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it’s very easy

  1. Do not use payoneer
  2. Use paypal

I do not have it.

The card isn’t ready yet only the slip

PayPal is not allowed in my country, Nigeria.

They banned Nigerians form using PayPal some years ago

oh… that’s bad ,sorry

i think you put different email in payoneer account.your fiverr and payoneer email must be same.