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HELP PEOPLE!...Back from a lonnngg break and getting NO orders

Here is my situation…I am a level 2 seller for articles, before taking a long vacation I used to do pretty good business writing for new and old clients and now when I am back,there are no orders.Please suggest what I should do!!

You’ll want to try shortening your turnaround time. Most people won’t feel too inclined to buy from you if they feel they have to wait 10 days for their work.

Also, seeing as you’re a writer, it might help to proofread your descriptions again.

I would suggest few things based on my experience-

1- Change your gig picture.

2- Rearrange your gig description.

3- If above don’t help then change tags.

Try reaching out to some of your old clients (the repeat ones that were always happy with your work) to see if they need anything and then send some offers to buyers on the requests page.

Your profile and gig images could use a serious original do-over. You have a large number of writing errors in your gig descriptions. Your rating is low and you have forced cancellations for non-delivery. All of those can really hurt you. Fix what you can, make some great offers on word count and delivery and get your ratings up past 95% and you might have a shot again. Otherwise, think up some gigs you could offer new and do well in. Competition is higher in some areas than others.

Reply to @sara1984: Thank you,Sara!..I am working on it right away!

Reply to @catsquirrel: Haha! You are right…I made some major bluders…correcting them now:)

Reply to @logoworld07: Thanks a ton for your kind feedback!!..I just did everything you said:)

Reply to @emasonwrites: Very nice advice,will follow…But sadly, I ended disappointing my loyal clients:/

Reply to @fonthaunt: Wow!! very honest and great advice:)…I fixed my descriptions,titles and images.Also, repositioned my offerings.Hope this works!

Thank you:)