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Help, photo shows black screen when enlarged!

Hi I just finished a transaction and my seller sent me source files for the two images that I received.

The 2nd image is just fine. I click to enlarge it, it shows up, I save it and it shows up in my photo album. Great.

But the 1st image comes up with a completely blank black screen, not even with the Fiverr watermarks, just completely black.

I should probably add I’m using my the Fiverr app from my iPhone, thanks for any help in advance!

How can I resolve this I’m really looking forward to using my sellers lovely !
image|281x500 creation now😭

it’s a png file. png files doesn’t have a background so if your design in a black colour of course it wouldn’t be visible because fiverr background is a black colour.

you can also google how png files work.

p.s neither jpg file nor png file are the source files.


Heavens you’re a saint! Thank youuuuuuu😭

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Also, she is correct. Also some times I face that situation. Png files show black background colour. So dawnload it and view. Also now I do If i want to send sample I send screenshot.

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