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Help please - already placed order, how do I now add extras?

Excuse the dumb question but I am new to this.

I placed an order for a sketch for $5. The seller has messaged me the draft. I’m happy and now want to pay the extra to have it finished in color. The order still says it is “in progress”. Does the seller need to mark it as “delivered” before I can then order an extra? The seller is telling me I just need to refresh my screen and the extras should show up, but that isn’t working. What I am doing wrong? Or do I need to place a whole new order and order the extras from the start?

Thanks in advance.

There is a spot up top that should list the extras I believe(I am mostly a seller so the location of this might have changed since the last time I bought something on here.). You just click the box next to them and order them through the gig order page you have already created. If you don’t see them, try using a different browser or clear your cookies and cache and re-open the browser and go back to the page in which the order information is being displayed.

Shopping-> Then click your active order and the extras should be listed up top.