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Help Please! Buyer Made a Wrong Order?


So I’m pretty new. And I’m really happy to have received three orders already with one I’ve just delivered.

However, this one buyer ordered something totally different from my gig. I’m not sure if he read it wrongly, or what. But still it is very different. I sent him a message about it already. I’m new so I don’t want to hurt my status early on by having to cancel. If I do cancel, will it really be bad on my part? I mean, the customer made the mistake.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo:

:slight_smile: I’ll just have to train myself to keep cool when getting orders like this then :slight_smile: I’ll go recheck my descriptions like you’ve said. I may understand it a bit if they neglect to read the entire descriptions but I do hope they’d bother reading gig names at least :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo:

Thanks for the tips :slight_smile: I won’t cancel for now then. I hope he replies soon so I can talk to him about possibly changing the gig. Though I’m not that hopeful on this one. It was quite a different gig. Just in case, I’ll try the mutual cancellation as well.

But it’s sad though. I mean, getting order cancels because of buyer mistakes. I do hope this is the last I get.

Thanks again for the reply :slight_smile:


Hey Jan,

TBH you’re probably going to get more of the same. It happens to all the Fiverr guys from time to time, even the super sellers! Best thing you can do is make sure that your explanation is crystal clear. I also get people to message me before they purchase to discuss the order. I’m sure the extra step cuts down the number of customers I get but it means I’ve avoided mix ups so far at any rate.

Despite my gig being for voice acting a lot of people have messaged me looking for video as well which I don’t currently provide and as a result I know how to edit my gig to clarify it. Sometimes people will request stuff that’s not economically viable.

Point is be clear, go back and edit your descriptions with the feedback you get and if you’re having problems get buyers to message you before ordering.

I’m still a newbie on the site but the above has served me well so far, best of luck on Fiverr!!


Reply to @rory88:

Thanks for all the info :slight_smile: I’m starting to preset my mind already that those orders are inevitable. I’m also in the process of re-editing my gig. There was a buyer who would messaged me first for clarity and stuffs. But perhaps I should add a note there for all buyers to message me first like you’ve said.

My order seemed like it was meant for a different gig but sent to me or something.

Thanks once more for the tips :slight_smile: