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Help Please! Buyer Suddenly Wants to Cancel Order

So I’m having problems right now with a buyer. I responded to the buyer’s ‘Buyer Request’ post and my offer was accepted. I submitted the drawings on time. However, buyer suddenly realized that the design he wanted is not really suitable to his needs. ‘It’s a hit and miss’ thing as per his words.

He now asks me to revise the drawings and I agreed of course. But the revisions he’s asking is like a 70% remaking of the illustrations. Thus, I requested for a delivery time extension and he agreed.

Now, he’s suddenly opening a dispute to cancel the order because he is worried it might take too long. I declined the dispute because I think this is just so unfair. I messaged him again to at least give me 50% of the initial agreed gig price which is $30 (I asked him to order again, something worth $15 from my gig, and I will cancel the order worth $30). I also want to just end the problem quickly so I offered this 50% option. But now the buyer is no longer responding.

I just think it’s too unfair that I’m getting $0 for 3 illustrations I did work hard on. And it’s not my fault if he suddenly changed his mind regarding the design. Please help me how can I solve this?

Thanks to anyone who will reply.


Well In my personal opinion, I think you should just keep working on the changes he asked and try to deliver it as fast as possible. I think that this is how you could possibly fix the situation. Because you don’t want to get a negative review or an order cancelled :confused:

However, if he didn’t accept that. I think cancelling the order and yeah losing your effort is better than getting a 1 star review & the money.


This designing/drawing things are always a bit risky. I’m a graphic designer, so I know how that feels. What looks like a great art to one (for example, me) can look not-up-to-the-mark to another (for example, the client).

I always work with keeping that in mind. So if my buyer doesn’t like the work, I willingly offer a refund.

You can do some of the changes fast (at least in one of them) to keep the buyer attracted. There is no way to force the buyer to comply to what is fair. The best way for you will be to solve it by convincing the buyer with good communication.


And if you can’t convince him at all, better send a dispute from your side to cancel the order to minimize the harm on your profile.


Thanks for the reply. I’m worried now if I should still continue editing since he might end up rejecting it again. He’s no longer replying to my message. It seems cancelling really is the option. I’m just really sad for all the wasted effort, specially since I know it’s not really my fault :frowning: But again, thanks for the reply.


Thank you. And yes, graphic design is a really difficult work. He asked to cancel immediately after our good conversation a few hours ago (regarding the revisions and the delivery time extension) so I admit that threw me off a bit. I tried to respond as politely as possible while explaining my side. But it seems he can’t understand at all. Like I’ve mentioned in my reply to another comment above, I’m worried that even if I work hard on the revisions, the buyer will just reject it again.

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Well put in mind that canceling the order will also affect your account. But not like a 1 star review does I guess.
So try as hard as you can to save the situation even if you’re going to add extra effort.

I once had a “not satisfied buyer” by the end result. But he already marked the order as completed and gave 5 star review before checking the other files which was delivered.

Even tho I shouldn’t offer him a refund or so because he already accepted the delivery (random dude says), but I did offer him a 3 months free hosting, a free web page to be redesign & a 30% Off of the next future work. It look like it’s a big loss, but actually it isn’t. Because those satisfied buyers will come back to try your service if they had a good experience.

This buyer right now, I have finished with him 3 orders and we’re still discussing the next work.


It’s good to hear you managed to work it out with that buyer :slight_smile: I’ll wait for a response from my buyer then. I’ll think of other ways to come to an agreement with him. But if he’s going to continue ignoring my messages, then perhaps I’ll have to consider cancelling rather than get a 1 star and negative comment. It is a little frustrating but I guess things like these really happen.

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Go with your gut feelings. If you feel it won’t work at all at the end, then send him a cancellation request from your side.


Thank you :slight_smile: I’ll give it one last effort and try to talk to the buyer to resolve things. I guess I just want to see a hint that he really just wants to get the job done. If I’m still ignored, then I guess that’s it. Let’s charge it to experience.

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Great! Don’t take a rushed decision.
Depending on the time zone, your buyer may be asleep now or may be engaged in some other activities so he’s not online or replying. So give him/her some time to reply.

I hope it ends well for you :slight_smile:


I do not recommend the “Gut feelings” :confused: Because if he’s going take his career decisions using the gut feelings, I can tell that he’s gonna lose A LOT!

I would say if i’m in the buyer’s shoes, I wouldn’t answer because I either sent an E-mail to the CS and waiting for their respond to know what should I do. Or I didn’t like the seller’s comment so i’m ignoring him until he say something that “A buyer will like”.

Or none of the above and he’s just waiting until the time is up so he can leave a negative review. But what if @jiadrawings prove him wrong and send what the buyer asked for?

Then the buyer will accept how nice he was and even might give him a tip for his attitude (Which happened to me also with the unsatisfied buyer)

The bottom line is, you already have the details & the order is still active. Should you waste your time trying to contact him after what you said which is clearly didn’t satisfy him? Or work on his project and finish it with a smile at the end?

If he accepted it or not, you have something to add in your portfolio! So in both cases, you’re not really losing. I

hope things will go fine, good luck!

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Thanks again :slight_smile: I’ll think positively then. I feel less annoyed now too haha. Hopefully, he does reply and we can come to an agreement as I also do not want to prolong this problem as well.

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Hahaha. We all have our different perspectives. :slight_smile:

He’s the one who has talked with the buyer and has a better idea than both of us about the buyer’s intentions. So if I had a feeling that the buyer don’t want to continue the work or maybe don’t need it at all, I’d stop wasting my time on it and spend the times in doing something more productive.

But that’s just me. Sure you or someone else will have a different view to this.


Thanks for the advice. To be honest, I really am contemplating if I should still do the revisions even if the buyer is no longer responding. What he is asking after all is not just a revision, it’s like a total remake of the entire illustrations (like I mentioned, he changed his mind regarding the design he wanted). This is actually why I’m a bit salty haha. I did as I was told. The revisions he is asking can actually be considered entirely new illustrations already and not just edits/add-ons. It’s an entirely different design. And the delivery time extension I asked, is also in consideration of my other orders. I have other orders in line, and I don’t want to compromise them for the sake of a non-replying buyer.

Perhaps he didn’t like my response (It’s a very polite response I must stress), but I also didn’t like the fact that he went ahead and filed a dispute for cancellation just like that. And he agreed to extend the deadline just a few hours back. Had he told me it was rush, I would have thought of other possible options.

I appreciate both of your perspectives though :slight_smile: To be honest posting this discussion and reading both of your replies have helped me calm down a bit haha. I admit I was quite annoyed a while back.

But I’ll continue rethinking my options and what I should do. For now, I’ll just have to prepare myself whether to continue the work or to cancel.


All the best :slight_smile:

And don’t forget to update us about what happened at the end.


I totally respect and appreciate your opinion.
I’m just saying that if I was a buyer and a seller wants me to pay for something that I do not like & won’t use, I would have done something related.

So all I’m saying is that he tries as hard as he can to fix the situation because you don’t know what’s coming from a satisfied buyer.

Thank you for this great discussion! I really loved exchanging different perspectives.

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Thanks again :slight_smile: I’ll keep you posted on what happens.

Have a great day.

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Thank you too for your opinions :slight_smile: I hope things will work out in my case. I’m not yet sure how this will end for me. But I will still try thinking of other options to resolve the issue like you’ve said.

Have a great day as well.

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