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Help please, I'm in big trouble


A buyer getting me wrong or something. he orderd from my gig and was going good, liked my work. he asked for several revision i delivered my work. After that he didn’t responded to my last delivery. Now buyer is saying that i didn’t completed his work and blaming me that i marked order as complete. so i said it is a term of Fiverr but still can work though message if you have modification of this work. But still he is arguing with me and threatening me for giving negative review. Now what i can do now if he give me a bad review? It is very disappointing.


Be Relax …!
Some time we face this kind of bad people.
You should take order after your satisfaction that the person is not bad.
Now you should try to satisfy him.
Otherwise refund his money and say for good review.
Because review is important than money.
God Bless You…
Regard : Hassan


If this person is indeed threatening you, that is not allowed.
Show the screen shot of that message and send it to CS.

You clearly told him that you are willing to work on further modifications,
that should be good enough.

Contacting CS would be the best choice.
Don’t forget the screen shot, good luck.


Its a good solution…


Don’t get afraid ma’am. Once you’re very confident you did his work and since it’s Fiver system that auto mark the order as completed, and you’re ready to modify his work and keeps threatening you, then you’ve got to report to Fiver with screenshot like pysoft said earlier


Take s screenshot of fiverr terms and conditions were it’s saying that all orders are auto complete by fiverr after 3 days if buyer didn’t take any action. On top of that you can ask him to check his emails as fiverr sends them notifications that order will be marked as complete soon if they don’t request modification. And add again that you are still ready to work on his revisions.

At the same time take a screenshot and send it to CS stating that this person is harassing you and trying to blackmail with bad review. You can even ask sc to drop him a message (they did that once for me)

But it will be easier for us to say if that’s really blackmailing if we can see what exactly he/she is saying and demanding from you.