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HELP PLEASE i'm no longer active


Good morning friends , i’m trying to log in to my account but they keep telling me that my account is no longer active !!!

but why i have just start work and they block me ! this is not really happen :disappointed_relieved:


You’ll have to contact Customer Support for a full explanation.

Did you have multiple accounts or try to contact buyers off of Fiverr? Those are common reasons for being banned.


yes that’s true i have contact some buyers … and how i can contact them , and can they reactive my account again please ?


Sorry, let me rephrase my last post. I wasn’t totally clear. Did you try to get buyers to contact you off of the Fiverr platform, for example, by giving them your email address or telephone number?

Whatever the reason, Fiverr rarely, if ever, reinstates accounts after they’ve been disabled. You may even be banned from using the site altogether. You’ll have to ask CS to give you more info.


i did not give no email or telephone number i just contact some buyers that’s all !!!



Contact CS. They’ll tell you what you did wrong, whether your account will be reinstated, and whether you’re allowed to continue using Fiverr.

Do you know how to reach them?


no i don’t , but tell me can thy reactive my account


It’s very unlikely that you’ll get your account reinstated, but you never know. If you haven’t done anything wrong, CS may reverse their decision.

You can contact them by following this link


so i already send the a message do you know when they give an answear


Usually within 12 hours. The first response may be a template, so feel free to reply to it if you need further clarification.

While you wait, you can browse through Fiverr’s Terms of Service. You may discover the reason for your account problems.


You were selling followers and likes. I told you that it was forbidden and that you could get banned for it.