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Help please I'm stuck at zero views

Hey everyone!

as you can tell I’m a newbie and I’m not getting any views on my gig is that such a normal thing?

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when did you create your gig? it takes around 24 hours before all the stats are updated. give it some time. DO send buyer requests to get more views impression and clicks.


Gig views, clicks, and impression updates once @24 hours.


Hi there,

You created your account 18 hours back. I am sure your gigs are not even 1 day old.

I am also new my gig stats were updated after 24 hours.

Keep patience check back after 24 hours.

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Join some Fiver Promote Groups on Facebook and spread the Word! :smiley:
It’s a good start!

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Hi Mesa, greetings from Egypt :slight_smile: :wave: I liked both of your gigs and added to my favs to visit you from time to another. Adding a video for your lyrics gig is a GREAT start. I believe you will gain client interest soon. The first order may take some time, just stay around.

Best wishes

Hint : For your Minimalist Modern Logo gig, add more File Format(s) supported like jpeg, png, pds, ai, etc… that will help a bit in gig search.


Welcome to Fiverr:) You will get views and order soon. I am a happy seller at Fiverr . I believe its a great platform.Your profile is great, You will get orders soon :slight_smile:

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Hello mesaaaa,

Welcome to fiverr,

For new gigs on fiverr it will take some time to get views and impressions so just stay around and you will get your first order very soon.

TIP: for both of your gigs always try to deliver some extra free stuffs or complimentary concept.

Hope you will get some sales soon.
Best Regards,

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You Stay Around too, coder12895 :joy::grin::ok_hand:

You too, hussienfahmy :joy:

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Thank you so much for takin the time to help me out!!

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Thank you so much for these tips!!

Thank you so much gurl!