Help please. My gig stats don't work. Is my gig really visible?


Hello guys!

I’m new to fiverr and I only have 1 gig. I have a bit of a problem with my gig though and I am afraid it might be “malfunctioning” so to say. When I created my gig, it was at the first page of “cartoons and caricatures” subcategory for graphics. I was expecting at least a few views because of that. But I constantly check my gig stats and it displays zero (0, null, nada). Up until now, the views are still 0 even though I have received 3 messages from buyers asking me things about my gig.

you can find my gig here:

I’m afraid that the stats might not be the only feature of my gig that is broken. What if buyers are buying it but I don’t see those on my dashboard? I’ve already submitted a support ticket about this but after 3 days since the fact, I’ve never heard from fiverr support yet.

What do I do? Please help.