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Help Please. My Response time 16 hours

After watching that text I just block the user. Today I saw my Response rate 50% then I think this is the reason. So I send him a sorry message and now my average time 16 hours😂. So how can fix it?


The only thing you can do is respond to future messages quicker than 16 hours. It really is that simple!


If you blocked the user right away after receving the message (or at least within 24 hours) and it said they were blocked and “this will not affect your response rate” at that point but it still did affect it (eg. the next day) you could try contacting CS as it’s probably a bug (since if it says it won’t affect them it shouldn’t). Maybe they can fix the stats (eg. if you hadn’t responded but blocked them maybe they could have fixed the response rate. Maybe they can now exclude the response to that message from the response time stat).

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You need to remove the username of the other person from your post as that is not allowed on the forum.