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Help please, newbie on board!


I’m trying to set up my account and I am unable to list the three tags required for a Gig…


Dear H:

Please show us screen shots.

What specific difficulties are you having?

Please don’t reveal any information you shouldn’t.

Thank you,


I think you are reapting a word in all three tags try with different words for each tag.


Where would I find a list of tags to choose from? My main focus is proofreading.


You can decide on your own tags, so proofreading would be one, and then you can add others to suit your needs - just type a comma after each one to separate them.


In addition to what @offlinehelpers said, you can type “proofreading” in Fiverr search bar, and see what else comes up (that would be the stuff that people usually look for).


Good thinking @catwriter!


That’s what I’ve been trying, the first is accepted then I put in a , then the following won’t work😲


Sorry - didn’t finish reading - proofreading,yoursecondterm,yourthirdterm


Just type any word related to your field and you will see the specific​



Thank you for your help! I was finally able to do it on my desktop.

Very truly,

Heather L. Hoffman


Thank you, I was finally able to do it from my laptop but it didn’t require commas, which I found a bit odd!

Very truly,

Heather L. Hoffman


Hi Heather!

If you pick the suggestions that come up as you type, you don’t need to put the commas in - it separates the keyword tags for you.

Glad you got it sorted!


Thank you for responding, I did finally get it figured out and the commas were throwing me off :slight_smile:


Thank you for your help, I was finally able to do it from my PC vs. tablet :slight_smile: