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HELP! Please not come from my gig order

My account has been 30 days and i have ordered and how the orders will come.

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I’m sorry but what?
This is just a bunch of English words together that doesn’t have any sense.


please for this issue

check the buyer request…
share you gig in social media…
change the key words

What have you been doing in those 30 days to build your business? Sales are not free just because you have a gig here on Fiverr. You need to appeal to your target customers, and develop a seller reputation worthy of consistent sales.

There are TONS of logo design and logo intro video gigs.
Unless your gigs are very unique and you know how to market yourself,
you’re going to have a hard time for sure I’m afraid.

Also I’m sorry if I sound harsh, but it says in your profile that your English is “fluent” and I’m afraid it’s not. You might want to change that, otherwise you might have communication problems with your buyers in the future.


please help me?:slightly_smiling_face: