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Help please. Please help. Help

Anyone please help me… Fiverr suspend my another account becauseof copyright images using as a gig gallery . They suspended my account to quickly. Didnt give an opportunity. This suspended account i have 2 Orders delivered. And payment was on pending but before they disabled my account. Please someone do something for me.

go to the fiverr help&support i hope you find a solution

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And what can we do ? We are sellers like you, and, if I understand, you said “another account”, you have 2 accounts ?

Pretty sure what was intended is:

I’ve delivered two orders on this now-suspended account.

To the OP:

I see you have 2-minutes of read time here on the Forum.

I’m hoping that in that two minutes of reading you looked over the Fiverr Terms of Service.

That would have probably tipped you off to not using copyright images.

But you knew that, right?

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