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Help Please - What is a Buyer Request and How Can they Help me?


Hi! I am new to Fiverr and recently put my first gig up (I am a voice over artist). :grinning: I am reading the forum to learn about how to continue to improve my services and I have come across the term “buyer request.” Could someone, in simple terms, explain what they are and how I might utilize them? I have read some posts about it and have gathered some information, but feel like I am missing the beginning post that explains what it is. Thanks in advance!

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BR is simply potential clients looking to connect with sellers on a specific request/need. As a new seller make BR your friend as this is an easy way to gain clients and compete for work. Be sure to make clear in your proposal how you can help “them” with what they are looking for and not how great “you” are. I am also a VO with only 5wks experience and BR has proven to be my traction.

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As the name suggests, buyer requests (BRs) are requests (submitted by buyers) that usually have a description of what the project is about, and sometimes, also contain information about the buyer’s budget and the deadline for submission of the work.

These requests are then made visible to sellers who have gig(s) in the same category as that of the buyer request. Sellers can then submit their bids (offers) in response to these buyer requests. Depending on their requirements, the buyer can then either pick one or more sellers (from the offers that they would’ve received from several sellers) to work on their projects or decide to hire someone else altogether.

So, basically, it is a bidding system where sellers submit offers in response to buyer requests and compete with other sellers to be the “chosen one” to get to work on the buyer’s project.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:


In addition to what has been said if you go to the Fiverr main page, Switch to Selling and then More you will find Buyer Requests in the drop down menu.