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Help please, what should I do for the first sale? What's wrong with my gigs?

Help please, what should I do for the first sale? What’s wrong with my gigs?
Shows that there is not a single view of my concerts

Hey aly! don’t need to be sad! at first place there is alot of hard work, keep sending buyer requests and wait for 2 or more weeks you will get your first sale for sure! don’t get dishearten! Goodluck for your first sale! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer, but why can not I find my gigs in search?

How do you send buyer requests?

I need to know some details? That would successfully complete the first sale

What are the queries? I just created gigs

Hey Aly, just seen your gigs… you didnt use proper categories and tags… for example regarding ur gig ( sign on my body) you have place in graphic design category…which is wrong… Place it into Fun & Lifestyle > Your Message on Category…

also use best tags that describe your gigs… you are beautiful you can make more gigs related to Modeling, Product Modeling, like hold your product etc…e.g for fashion brands cosmetics etc and many more you are a photogenic and attractive posture…just do little bit hardwork and you will be at the top… :slight_smile:

P.S if you need more help let me know thanks