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Help please

I have 4$ in my account . i want to buy 2 gigs , how can i add 6$ and order 2 gigs because 4$ is in in my account already ?? please reply asap.

This cannot be done.

why ??

When you buy a gig you can use Paypal to pay for it if you have a Paypal account.

You would have to ask Customer Support about why. If you have $4 you probably got it from selling a gig. You can either withdraw the money or sell more gigs to even it out. Withdrawing isn’t ideal since you’ll lose part of the money to fees. You could sell 1 gig and then you’d have $8, but buying a gig would leave you with $3. The best option would be to sell 4 more gigs and add $16 in income. then you could spend the $20 even in your account.