Help please


I have seller in my inbox messages constantly begging me to change her review. I was not satisfied with what she gave me as it was not what I asked for (I asked for a hand drawn logo and she gave me clip art). I didn’t want to open up a dispute because I had already done that once, and now she will not leave me alone. I even changed the review just because I don’t want to deal with her anymore. Is there any way to block a seller from contacting me?


Do you have to pay the seller?

How much money do you spend on sales?
You have to tell the truth, so everything is fair side of buyers and sellers.

I see you are a new buyer, read the rules in fiverr.
Each refund without any clear basis will keep your account disabled


You could cancel the project without paying and leaving comment. Seller should refund if they cant provide what buyer require.


There is a small “report” button right underneath the message that prevents the seller from contacting you again.
You should also make it clear and tell the seller to stop harassing you or else you would report it to customer support.


If the seller is not qualified products.
You just cancel the order.

The seller has a quality that is different.
If they have the same quality.
We would not be interesting and unique