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Help please!

Hello all, I signed up for fiverr a few days ago and posted my gig. The gig is not showing up in search and I am not even showing up in search as a seller! I contacted customer support and here is the response:
“The service you have offered on Fiverr is not in our editorial focus and guidelines. Due to this, your Gig will not appear in our search results”.

My gig is posted under writing and translation - proofreading and editing and my gig title is “I will professionally proofread and edit 1500 words”

What am I doing wrong? My gig looks like the many others under the same heading. This seems like a mistake to me but how do I fix it?
I appreciate your help. Thank you

There’s usually a simple reason always! From what I have seen, some part of the gig is not acceptable. Could be as simple as a website link in an uploaded file or the description. Be sure to go through all rules and see if you can find anything that explains it.