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Help plz


one of my buyer asking for a refund.I have done many revisons to make him satisfy.Realy difficult buyer.As I thing he has got what he want and asking for refund now.He never provide a reason to cancel this.

He is trying to get my sservice for nothing,If I not agree to cancel he can leave negative.

What can I do for this??


@-) can anyone tell me what can I do in these kind of situations?


Do you know his site? If yes bookmark it and look at it after few days. If he use your logo in his site msg support team. Then create a free blog with your story and give his logo PSD for FREE.

That work for me :slight_smile:


And always deliver samples with big ugly watermark. So they cant cheat us :slight_smile:


good trick but it is a business card


I have aleady cancel 3-4 sales like this.But I can’t continue this




Did you contact support team? Send business card psd to every FREE PSD site :slight_smile:


yeah I have contact them

Awaiting assignment to a help desk operator :frowning:


Just contact Fiver support regarding this issue with appropriate screenshots of your work and conversations with you and buyer.I am sure they will help you regarding this.I had faced this problem many times and always got resolved through Fiverr Support. :)>-


Thanks all for commenting here

Submitted about 3 hours ago

Awaiting assignment to a help desk operator.


I love all the suggestions given. @ drawing_michael and other friends here, I have equally faced a similar situation but in my own case I delivered a “site url” which the buyers ordered for and without reason the buyer requested for a refund or get a negative feedback… So like a site url, no sample to give, then what do i do?


I respect you people who offer service oriented Gigs a lot and now dubious buyers a taking you for granted. What a case!

Now do this whenever you want to handle a delivery:

  1. desing 2 to 4 different HIGHLY WATERMAKED Logos.
  2. contact the buyer and present he or she with the 2 to 4 logos and tell him that the logos you supplied him are actual logo meant for his delivery. So he should select what pleases him most before you release the Original output to him.
  3. Now after selecting what pleases him, ASK him again if he his really satisfied with what he as selected and do a SCREEN CAPTURE of his response and supply it to FIVERR should it come back to ask for crazy refund.


Yes, I support what Marylin Enders suggested.


still Awaiting assignment to a help desk operator.


There are “bullies” out there and you need to recognize them quickly.

But here is how you deal with them tactfully and professionally.

Step 1: Tell the Buyer you appreciate his comments, and that you are going to refund him. Just simply say, I am sorry I am not the right Freelancer for you.

Step 2: Fill out a Fiverr ticket and give the job # to the Fiverr editor and ask for a refund, then say he is being difficult and to remove his negative remark (if any).

Step 3: Move on. Rejection, bad people, its going to happen sometimes and it’s no something to get wound up about. Just recognize it quickly. Deal with it, be kind but be quick and move on.

You have talent, and many people will appreciate your work. Some Buyers will be “psychos” “school yard bullies” or "complete idiots."

The sad thing is some Buyers have no clue what they want, and abusive behavior is the only way they know how to compensate for their inability to articulate what they really want.