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Help plz!

I don’t know why nobody buys my services. someone can visit my profile and see the default that I help plz

Reply to @fastcopywriter: good luck for you to bro ^^ I’m very happy for your help and your advice Thanks again

For someone to buy your services you have to make sure you stand out of the crowd. Fiverr is a very competitive place. You gig photo/icon has to be enough to draw in the attention from potential customers. If you are a graphic design you need to make 3 well designed gig gallery photos… you can’t make just one and half ass it… (not that you did… I’m just saying) You have to put as much love into your gig page as you would when working on a customers file otherwise… why would they pick your gig? Also I don’t stop writing my gig explanation until I hit the full 1200 character limit.

Please feel free to look at my gigs as I have been doing graphic design for 12 years. While my gigs do well… it has slowed down considerable over the past month with the holidays…

Just keep at it and make all your gigs shine!

Rob W.

thank you very much my brother I will try to improve my services.

yeah man :slight_smile: Good luck to you and keep at it!

Let’s rewrite your most popular gig:

I will give you 10 recipes of MOROCCAN cuisine in 24 hours

As for your writing gig, I hate to be negative, but buyers won’t hire you if you have bad grammar.

“I will write a 500 words PROFESSIONAL article within 2 days for $5” is not a gig that gets orders.

“I will write a professional 500 word ARTICLE in 2 days for $5” will get orders. But I don’t recommend that gig, remember that even buyers who can’t write articles, can recognize bad grammar when it’s obvious.

Focus on what you know, not what you don’t. Why not offer to write an article in French since I know most Moroccans speak French?

Honestly, your profile is full of spelling and grammar mistakes which reduces the quality of first impressions on a large scale. Also I don’t really see any catchy gigs in your profile. You have to sell something which “sells” :)>-

I saw you spamming another person’s thread in a different category, that’s a big no-no.

If you want people to look at your gigs, it would be best not to spam, it only drives people away.

thanks for all :slight_smile:

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Yes you are right. Thank you !

Spelling and grammar issues. What do you mean by " I have 19 year old? " , " IAM Creator?. Fix your profile

Reply to @moufdi11: You’re welcomed. Best of luck during your Fiverr journey, think outside the box when creating gigs. Take care.

If you are worried about your spelling and grammar, see my listing at