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Help Post and suggest me please


I have a problem. Once a buyer makes order “background remove job” but she wants Photo editing the same price.I also gave him. But He left me 1 Star rating. He has made the order again. But I can not want to do this job. I want also he can not make the order without permission. what can I do now? Please suggest me.



Turns out you also photoshopped her gender.

People have been requesting the ‘right to reject’ since 2011. It’s not about to happen. But I do not understand what the issue really is? The buyer did add extra orders for the extra work they gave you.

I can’t comment about the 1-Star review because that is subjective, based on their experience with you, but I do not see the buyer as being intentionally malicious as they paid extra for extra work. Talk to them and ask them if you could have done anything differently which could have led them to have a better experience. Don’t pester them for a review change, just take feedback, make amends, continue doing good work.