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I am new at fiverr. I am a wordpress web designer.

How can I create my new gig and success in short time. Give some secret tips. :-):frowning:

Thanks all.


can i answer it? :joy:


You can create gigs.
Success in short time? No one can answer this


For Tips follow this section:


Ask him


please say something. :slight_smile: :wink:


You can do blog marketing to get more and more view, click and impression.:grinning:


This tips always give minhazul islam bro.

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I can do it.


yes. I am his student :blush:


BIG NO IF YOU WANT SUCCESS IN OVER NIGHT OR SHORT TIME, you have to work hard and keep patience, lets your work speak for you not you, so first create a gig and explain in detail what you offer in how much time and meanwhile send buyer request everyday :slight_smile:
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