Help post : Please help me!


Hi Everyone,
I’m new to Fiverr forum, Happy To Be Here. :slightly_smiling_face:

When I Joined​ Fiverr I Made My First Gig And Got 1st Order On The 10 Day And Everything Was Fine And I Was Getting 2 Orders Per Day Or 1 Order Per 2 days, But suddenly No orders/Message hitting me.very sad.:cry:

If anyone can check my profile or something then I would really appreciate.



I’m sorry to hear that your sales aren’t meeting your expectations. Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do to guarantee you orders. Fiverr doesn’t even guarantee orders. Sales rise and fall based upon many factors. If you want more sales, and you aren’t finding them through Fiverr, perhaps now is a good time to learn how to market and promote your gigs.

Conduct an internet search for “how to market my business” and you’ll find plenty of great articles that will help you learn how to promote your services to the people that need them.

Hard work is required. There is no easy road to success here on Fiverr.


Really sorry to hare that. Please contact with customer support hope will get the solutions soon


@jonbaas thank you :slight_smile:


@jobayar24361 thank you


sorry to hear that,contact customer support


@sarowar75 thank you