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Help Post , What is this conversion ? How I can improve my gig statistics?


Hi everyone,

What is this coversion? How I can improve it?
Please tell you me about conversion. I can’t understanding.

Also give me some tips about improve my gig statistics.

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This is the percentage of people who click your gigs and then purchase.

It’s calculated as:

a = Clicks / 100
b = orders / a

So, say you have 155 clicks and 10 orders, it would be:

155 / 100 = 1.55
10 / 15.5 = 6.45

So this would be a 6.45% conversion rate.

To increase this number, you need to improve upon the number of people converting from your gig page. There are multiple aspects to this and I recommend reading other topics in the forum related to improving sales.


wow!!! I understand very easily from you,. Thanks a lot.