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Help! Problems with Seller - What to do?

Hello & Thank you! I need a logo and banner created and found an artist on Fiverr that had an amazing portfolio. I first purchased a logo from her site that had 5 revisions included in the price. A few days later she sent me the first draft. At the bottom of the page were two buttons: either request a revision or accept. There was also a notice that if I do nothing it will automatically be accepted in three days. And after that there were keys where I could purchase extra items, including a revision.

I requested a revision and did not purchase one as 5 were included in the purchase price and wrote to her what I wanted changed. I have not heard back. I waited two days and then wrote to see if she received the revision notice. Again, no response.

Today is day three and I am worried that the work is now automatically going to be accepted. Help!

Before I purchased from her I wrote to her and heard back quickly. I wrote back about which of her listings to purchase for what I wanted and never heard back until I made an actual purchase. It seems I am back to that point…in order to get a revision I’m going to have to pay for it even though 5 were included. (hope that makes sense) The seller is in another country so I first thought that might be the problem.

She has perfect feedback and has had many reviews. I’m at a loss.

Thank you for any advice you have to offer. I am really worried about the 3 day cutoff happening today and getting stuck with an incomplete sketch.



Maybe your seller is sick or has private issues that prevents her to answer you. May I suggest writing your seller once more, telling you’ll wait X days for the requested revision after which, if nothing has been done or haven’t heard from her, you’ll cancell the order.

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I thought of that. Before the initial purchase, the only time I heard from her was when I first wrote to her. After that quesitons were not answered until I purchased. Now, after a purchase, nothing.

It is very unfortunate because her art work is so amazing.

Can I cancel an order once the first draft has been delivered?

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If you have requested a revision by clicking on the “request modification” (or whatever it says, exactly) button, the order won’t be automatically accepted.

If you have just sent a message on the order page instead, go to the order page before the 3 days pass, and click on the button to request a revision. If your seller is very busy and you’ve sent them a message, it’s possible that they haven’t seen it (plus Fiverr gets buggy, and it happens that a message doesn’t go through).

She shouldn’t have given you a draft, she should have delivered a complete work and, only then, you could either ask for revision or mark the order as complete.

As you mistakenly requested revision in an uncomplete delivered order, please insist in revisons!

Cat - I had clicked on the ‘request revision’ button. No response. I opened a ‘request’ be sent to the seller. I guess if she does not respond in two days the order will be automatically cancelled. Do you know if I get a refund then? Thank you for your help!

If you have clicked on ‘request revision’ button, the order will remain opened until the seller delivers something.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by this.

The order is cancelled if you request a cancellation and the seller accepts, or if you request a cancellation and the seller doesn’t respond within 2 days, or if Customer Support cancels it. Requesting a revision doesn’t initiate the cancellation.

If the order is cancelled, you get a refund.

If you’re getting tired of the seller being unresponsive, you can contact Customer Support and ask them to cancel the order.

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