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HELP Punished for being GOOD Anyone know top managers

So I offer a gig for Youtube SEO, designed to give real relevent traffic to a video over time by helping the new Google Bots (AI) understand what the videos are about. BUT ( CHEATERS) who are trying to get gigs to deliver more or less bad or fake or automated traffic get their videos banned. So I have been on here since 2011. I have for almost all that time kept a 5 star rating. But the new system punishes you for mutual cancellations, and because (cheaters) get there videos banned. I got one guy who I had not even delivered yet ( I had 3 days left) and he went off. I am like professional saying I had not even done anything to your video yet. He some how got to score me 1 and cancel and then another person score me 2 because he did not read. As I got to the last task I do his video got banned. I messaged and message him. Saying “I want to help you”, chat with me. He is like you did not deliver what I asked. I am like Your video is DEAD, It is GONE its Banned. I can not deliver what I can not get to. So Now I am a 4.5 instead of a 4.7 or 5. Everytime I message customer support they more or less say sorry that is the system. So I just left a message for support saying “You support cheaters”, and I am assuming the sellers who helped them cheat and obviously poorly as it got caught. They I assume are still selling because they finished their gig days before me… Sure they buyer say 1000 views etc. was thrilled. 5 stars ( which of course helps the next victum get sold), where as I provide a real service and get 4.5 and get demoted from a level 2 seller. And if I can not get enough traffic I will be off Fiverr and I am the good seller. I get life is not fair but really. Fiverr you have no system in place to correct your errors of scoring when you can read my messages with the buyers. One support person did actually read and said “I see you were trying to help, and that you care”, but then said sorry the score is the score. more or less. Any ideas or should I just go to a different platform and starting building up a following off Fiverr and give up on Fiverrs system. I just am at a loss. I lost my job a few months ago and was really starting to make progress when all this started happening.

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It seems like all you bad reviews came from the last month. When i look at your gig though it seems like your ratings are fine. I don’t see a 4.5 overall rating any where.

I gotta agree with @jyotidey9, looks like you are doing fine to me overall, and plus your most
recent delivery was a day ago with a 5 star.
I’d say keep doing what you’re doing, stay professional, and it should be fine.
Aside from that, I did find the post above a bit hard to read and I understand that you are frustrated and that may be why it’s typed in that certain way, but I hope you didn’t send messages to your buyers or to CS like the same way.
Stay calm and professional, do what you’re good at, and you’ll get back on track.
…I think you already are though, TBH. :thinking:

Maybe the 4 likes from 4 accounts / 4 comments are being detected and maybe that could lead to problems? Maybe removing the 4 likes/comments from the 4 accounts could help in keeping the videos. It might also be better re: youtube’s TOS.

The 4.5 is in the back office I was a Level 2 until the 15. Yes, I am frustrated. Yes, it was this short period. The biggest issue is somehow a canceled gig got to level a review when nothing was delivered at a 1.

UK1000 - I actually do not do that anymore. That was a gig extra which I removed. I have not wanted to change “Content” on the gig to avoid Fiverr search changes. The BANNING of videos is happening well before they get to me. Funny in the last few months, Its like clock work. They order and before I even start my service the video is Banned. Someone is giving these guys VIEWs that are fake and Youtube is figuring it out. I am sure they rate them a 5 not realizing they just shot themselves.


It might be best to remove it from the gig video if that’s no longer done/available as an extra, even if it might affect search ranking, at least for while.