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(HELP) question!?!?!?


I want to sell custom logos on Fiverr. But the problem is, I don’t want the buyer to pay anything until they actually see the logo itself. Even though I would be charging $5 per logo, I want to know if it is actually the right design for the buyer. ( I’m worried the buyer won’t like the logo and has already paid for it).


You can provide logos with your watermark on them for approval before taking jobs, to show clients examples of what they will receive.

It seems like you are worried about negative reviews, In which case you never know what a buyer is going to do.

Do not worry about the buyer, if they feel they didn’t receive quality work you can offer them a mutual cancelation and they will not be charged.



Thank you very much!


Please, how can i withdraw money on FIVERR here. Please i need help.


You can get all answer in here


Hi @liamctr, Please Activate Fiverr’s Watermark Option then Deliver. Thank You :slight_smile: