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HELP! Rating Dropped and Level One Badge Removed


My rating dropped from 100% down to 78% as a result of 2 cancelled orders from two buyers just because I failed to deliver at the stipulated time.

I contacted them, they said they have given the job to another fiverr seller. Now my Level One badge is gone and also my Avg. Response Time dropped from 1hr to 5hr as a result of the automatic negative feedback[order cancellation effect]. The “RATE NOW” button is still showing on my todo list and I can’t even rate them.

Are their any chances of getting back to 100% and also get back my badge?


Unfortunately, only more orders, all with excellent reviews, will bring your rating back up. Because you don’t have lots of sales yet, those 2 cancellations represent a hefty percent of your completed orders. My obvious advice to you is to not let orders go late again. You must communicate completely and honestly; most buyers do understand that unexpected events happen (some won’t). Two days may be too short for delivery time when you have a rush of orders, so maybe changing that to 3 or 4 days will work better for you. If you find too many orders coming in all at once, put your gig on hold by suspending it for a day so you can catch up. For now, you need to not let another order go late and deliver work that earns a high rating. Eventually your rating will go up and you’ll earn your badge again. Good luck~

BTW, your average response time is based on how quickly your respond to communications and is calculated on a 30-day average. That has nothing to do with orders being cancelled.


Reply to @celticmoon: Thank you for your honest reply celticmoon,

So, you mean having more orders, all with excellent reviews, will bring my rating back up. The question is "How many more orders because I’ve delivered up to 5 orders after the incident occurred and my rating never moved up?"

What’s the way out?