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HELP REQUIRED! I can't search my gig

Guys, please help me i cannot search my gig, I cannot find it among other gigs. Can you please help me? It was there yesterday but now i can’t find it, I am attaching the link below.


Have you edited it recently? Even just clicked the edit gig button and did nothing? It can be taken off search for a day or two when you do that, I think it gets reviewed every time you edit and will then appear again after that time.

I can’t find it either, I looked under “wedding” and “wedding invitation”, but if you edited that can be why.

yes i edited the “gig gallery”, Thank-you so much :slight_smile:

yes it appeared before but now I can’t find it :frowning:

Ah okay, then I think it should be back within a day or two most likely.

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Alright, thank-you so much! :slight_smile:

I haven’t been here for long but have read and seen that that can happen. Sometimes those gigs appear sooner, sometimes later again.

alright, I’ll wait for it to appear again

you need to edit again…

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will it appear after editing again?

yes I posted my gig yesterday I think and I have a lot of clicks too but it somehow vanished after editing.

sharing gig on social site like:grinning::grinning: