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Help: seller-buyer & cancellation

Hi fiverrs

Help please, if someone has a good advice

I am not very experienced as a buyer on fiverr, mostly a seller. A new fiverr member bought one of my gigs. I noticed her own gig and decided to buy it on behalf of a friend who liked it ( in gig description supposed to be her own work ). It was delivered on time. But my friend said it is just copy-paste from a website, part of a book, sold at that website with all rights reserved and the rest…

I wrote a kind message to the seller asking her to clarify if that is true (thinking that perhaps she did own the copyright – one never knows) before I accept this order as complete. She immediately cancelled the order offering a refund with no further explanation… I wrote a new message that my friend would not ask for the 5 dollars back anyway as the gig was already delivered but no reply.

Since the transaction will be marked as mutual cancellation (I am forced to accept although I did not intend to cancel) I wonder, if that cancellation may reduce my own account’s credibility. As a few days before, that same seller had also cancelled an order she had made on one of my gigs. Now that would make 2 and I have never had cancellations before.

What would you do in such a case?

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


Just not your fault, just keep away from her and do not border her anymore, as i think is good. She will not revenge anyway …

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Reply to @jamesngfive55:

Thank you for spending time to leave a comment :slight_smile:

Having in mind how overloaded fiverr support is with messages, I was wondering if anybody on the forum has had such a situation and what would the “official” way to deal with that be…

The best way to deal with people like that is to be polite and jus wish her all the best and move on :slight_smile: U did your best - don’t take it personal it jus business

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That sounds pretty weird. Although you may want to contact Customer Support just to be sure, I would imagine that the cancellation won’t have any major impact on your own account’s credibility. If anything, it might make your cancellation rate rise a bit (but maybe not). However, as long as you keep delivering good work to happy buyers, your cancellation rate should stay low.

If you know that the seller in question is delivering copyrighted material that may not be their own work, I would report them for copyright violation to Customer Support. Fiverr should review that gig since sellers who do that kind of stuff give other good sellers and the Fiverr system in general a bad rep.

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nickih said: I would report them for copyright violation to Customer Support . Fiverr should review that gig since sellers who do that kind of stuff give other good sellers and the Fiverr system in general a bad rep.

Completely agree, they will review their account and make the call on any work they are delivering. If it's copyright Fiverr is liable if they are doing illegal work - so they take copyright issue very seriously.

I agree I would stay away, however I wouldn't cancel the order. They need to communicate with you and just up and cancellation for no reason is improper behavior. I would contact Customer Service and have them review the order. They will may even cancel the order on their behalf if they see there are serious issues. I couldn't back away from this however.

Communication should always be encouraged here on Fiverr - otherwise I'd rate your experience and give them a thumbs down (sadly) so other buyers are away that you had issues. She should want to resolve them, not cancel. That's not only improper behavior here on Fiverr, but unprofessional.

All the best, and good luck!

Hi again

Thank you everybody for the tips and help :slight_smile:

Since I started this conversation, I feel I have to share with the forum info about the outcome. To help other buyers that might get into such a situation. So I let you know that customer support answered to my message (and very fast by the way!)…

… that buyers do not have to be forced to accept the mutual cancellation if they don’t see why to do so. Not accepting mutual cancellation will not have a negative effect on my ratings. And that seller & buyer should always communicate and find a solution that would satisfy both.

I messaged the seller about this advice saying once more that I want to pay for the gig delivered (as I do not want to get anything for free), asking her to undo the cancellation request. A few hours from the deadline still no reply. So I clicked on “decline” instead of accepting the mutual cancellation. At once the transaction was marked as “gig delivered” and I was prompted to write the usual byuer-review. I feel like giving people a second (even third chance). Especially when somebody is so new on fiverr and that was actually her very first sale. So I wrote a kind one. Of course the seller did not care to review me as a buyer. But I really don’t mind. I just feel relieved. Hope she is still alive though :slight_smile:

happy gigging everybody :slight_smile:




I think there should be some other option of cancelling.

Sometimes a buyer places wrong order and then asks for cancellation.


Haha! Nicki's unite! Best of luck with your gig!

My seller did not deliver on time yesterday. I posted a note to see what was happening, but not response. I do not want to cancel the gig as we need the product as agreed upon. We have excellent communication (documented in my inbox) for the project’s setup. I contacted CS to see if they can assist. He is the only person with this skill. I simply want the project and plan to never order from him again.

I want communication and my high quality project. Any pointers? What should I do when 24hrs expires and I have the decision to cancel?


I’ve had two buyers cancel gigs recently. One said he had “lost confidence in me” because I hadn’t delivered his job in three days. Um… it was clearly marked as a five day gig. The other wanted a sample and said he (or she) was “ordering right away”, ordered hours later then cancelled because someone else had done the gig. Well, I’d already done the job, so I didn’t want to cancel. Still, I did anyway.

Yes, That’s the hard thing being a seller, we don’t want negative feedback or ratings, we suffer from their mistake, we keep the work in quality that’s why sometimes it cause delay, I feel 5 star rating is more of my focus.