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Help seller is cheating me


So i bought some hypnotherapy session from this supposed hypnotherapist guru FRAGGLESROCK, he made tall claims, gave me client testimonials and I was so depressed yesterday that i bought from him. he said " I told her that the problem she had was a big one and for my time I would need $20. She could do this with 4 gigs or with gig extras. I told her I would give her the ebook/affirmations either way. " he gave me a 11 min gig, if 1 gig is 5 min (i should have read it clearly) then 4 gigs is clearly 20 min. what happened to the extra minutes? and i paid for addiitonal 10 min and he didnt give me that, and his ebook i cant even download it. he claims he wants to decline the project but i want him to do a better job of it. is there anything i can do? i am getting cheated here and am afraid he will take mmy money after giving me such a shody product. please answer quickly, time is running out.

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@chrissypinto I’m so sorry to hear about your predicament. I’m also very sad to hear that you have no access to good1 women’s health, especially in a country with such great oil wealth.

I do have another suggestion, since you obviously have internet access: search for a depression support website. They are out there! Find out how other people in your situation deal with this problem. Many have message boards moderated by professional mental health therapists. Most are a great place to just talk about your feelings with other people who understand exactly what you are going through. Certainly try the relaxation tapes, meditation, and if hypnotherapy helps you, by all means continue using it.

Good luck~


see this link he sent.

and tell me if it is not the work of an amateur.


Sheriff’s Note: It is not cool (or allowed) to call out others on the Forum.

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i did ask and he called back with mutual cancellation. i am afraid if i put accep then i cant get him to change it cause i really want him to work harder on this for me.listen to this hypnotherapy tape urself, isnt he mubling half the time, and sound is not clear. not to mention its only 11 min and i cant download the e-book. i dont think it will help with my depression, and i cant get medical treatment in Kuwait. so what do i do to make him improve it?



see this link and tell me if it is good or bad.


Sheriff’s Note: It is not cool (or allowed) to call out others on the Forum.

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Are you trying to FORCE the seller to work with you even though they are refunding your money and moving on? If this seller is only giving you 11 minutes instead of the 20 you say you paid for and you cannot access his ebook, why in the world would you want to continue working with them?

Something is not right here.


You said it, @cheezees~

@chrissypinto Why won’t you just accept the refund? The seller may not have the technical skills to help you download the ebook, and you obviously are unhappy with your hypnotherapy session. If you have insurance, why don’t you consider visiting a mental health therapist? Ask your primary care doctor (or gynecologist if you’re a woman, which your nickname leads me to think) for a referral. This way you can meet with someone face-to-face, see if you feel comfortable with that person, and tackle your issues. Depression is not something a hypnotherapist can competently or ethically help you with, no matter what claims they make. It’s also a poor reason to spend money and can get you into trouble financially. Good luck!


Reply to @celticmoon: i live in kuwait and health insurance doesnt cover mental health therapist, and it is expensive here. i dont go to a gynecologist. yes, hypnotherapist can help with depression, it has been proven.many peopl felt better after hypnotherapy. well, i dont have options, please understand if it was so easy to go to a clinic I would have done it. it costs hundreds of dollars for therapy here, far more than in america. u cant fault me for trying something to get better. thanks.


Reply to @cheezees: because i am depressed and runing out of options and figured with his success as a life coach and hypnotherapist, maybe he can do better. desperate people clutch at straws. and i wasted enough time trying to talking with him that i dont want to be cheated.


Reply to @cheezees: stop judging me, u dont know what i have been through which

is why i am here. i am not trying to play games or anything, i just want some results for the time i wasted and the money i invested.


Reply to @cheezees: is there anyway i can get him to fulfill my order, what if i decline? will he be forced to work on my track then?


I would like to help you for free (if this is allowed here). I don’t offer any gigs like this, and I am in no way a hypnotherapy professional. However, I do have hypnotherapy files and relaxation music. I would be happy to share. But they are in RAR files, can you open that type of file?

p.s. I was just looking through them, it looks like I have a ZIP file too. Or, if you’re not sure maybe I could just send you a couple of MP3 files. Good for you for having the courage to try to feel better.

p.s. p.s. Well anyway, I have to log out for about 10 hours. I’ll check back. If you reply to this thread or send me a message, I would be happy to help to whatever degree I can. Sometimes even relaxing music is nice, especially if you listen to it and practice positive visualizations and think of peaceful, happy times…


Reply to @chrissypinto: No. You CANNOT force anyone to fulfill your order. The seller is telling you (by giving a refund and NOT completing the work) that they do not want to work with you. What judgement is there in these words? What you have been through is irrelevant and I NEVER mentioned it.

So, for whatever reason, the seller is unable/unwilling to complete your order. Accept the refund and move on. They do not want to work with you.

Can you recover the time that was wasted? No. Your best bet is to recover your money. I am suspicious of your motives when you reject a refund. The seller can only cheat you if they accept your payment and run. This seller is giving back your money and you are able to keep whatever they have sent you so far. Now, move on.


hi, thanks so much. i tried some utube hypnotherapy videos and they seem to help people. if you can please send to i can open all the files just fine, thanks so much. thanks for your support, i just dont want to hurt my parents and many people feel this way so if they can overcome, then i can at least try.


Reply to @cheezees: yeah fine. thanks. it is still cheating cause he made promises and didnt keep them. and i have 20 credits and nothing to do with them.


Reply to @chrissypinto:

I can’t reach you. The moderator changed your email to "" They do this on the forum to anyone that posts any kind of personal contact information. Also, we aren’t allowed to post download links here. I wish I could help more – I think you’re on the right track with looking into hypnotherapy. If you get on YouTube, look up Joseph Clough. He has a wonderful channel. He’s a hypnotherapist and according to his Wiki page, “Clough started a podcast that quickly reached top in self-development on iTunes and generates over 200,000 downloads a month in which he created over 100 hours of free content for those who cannot afford psychological coaching/therapy.” His URL for his website is his name. I checked it out and it looks like he has 100 hours of free hypnotherapy/life coaching downloads there. You’re not alone in all this. While I can’t claim to know exactly how you feel, I can definitely empathize, as I’ve struggled with agoraphobia. I’ve found non-traditional therapy like this to be the most helpful. Good luck to you.


may be my Gigs can help you


Reply to @gynaecologist: Hello, you never responded to my questions. Are you a licensed gynecologist (that’s how it’s usually spelled in the US, by the way, where your account lists you as being) and in which state(s)? Are you Board-certified? What is your medical license number?

These are questions all MD’s readily answer, so I’m curious as to why you haven’t responded, although the fact that your gig is gone already might explain that.


if he wants to cancel then cancel with him, don’t force him to do something he can’t do, just cancel. he seems to be fine with canceling, you will get your money back plus you already had 11mins with him which will be free and he is fine with it.


Reply to @chrissypinto: he’s not the only hypnotherapist out there, just try another one around here or somewhere. depression isn’t something that will go within 20 mins, sorry to break it for you but the scars stay for ever. depression treatments just help you empower yourself or keep your mind away from it from a little while.

ways to treat depression is to take pills given by doctors and talk to a real therapist face to face or try to get out of your comfort zone and do something extraordinary like skydiving, playing tennis, join a club and socialize and make new friends that can help you out and that you can talk to.