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help...Seller keeps declining my cancellation request

This is my first time using fiverr and I not too happy we the experience. I ordered the re skinning of an app in which the seller he can do, I sent him everything the product he deliverd never worked adn he claims it works on his side. He still wants me to pay as he stated “it is only 10 dollars”. So why did he take the gig if he knew he could not deliver. When I try to cancel the order he declines hoping I would just give in.

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So the big questions is: is what you’re asking for part of the original scope of the order?

Can you ask him for proof that it’s working on his end? Video?

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Well said. If he can provide proof then he’s right if not, then he’s not right.

yes he provided a video but when I download and try to install it gives an error provided the error he then sent another file and then I tried and it does not work I sent it to about 5 different android phones and it did not work.

And the video showed him installing the app, that the installation was successful, and that the app would launch?

This experience is shady as he said my issue was the version of android and he said I needed to be running android 10 but he did not know I am running android 10. Then he stated the problem is not the apk implying it was my phone. He said to provide a video with the app not working which I did and waiting cancellation.

Hi @shermanstewa163, did you request to cancel through the Resolution Center? If you did, try requesting it one more time, making it clear to your seller that if they continue to refuse to cancel, you’ll be getting in touch with customer support.

In case you get to need it, below is the link for you to place a ticket explaining support the situation, and asking them to please cancel the order and refund you.

Fiverr Customer Support

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