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Help: Seller marked gig complete but never provided services

I have been trying to contact the seller for the past 3 days about a gig I’ve purchased from him and he never completed the gig.

After a few days he stopped responding and didn’t do the gig. It’s been marked complete and no services were done.

I’m trying to find a form where I can take this up with Fiverr, but I can’t find a contact info.

What am I left to do?

Maybe if you check your messages ( indicated by a “1” or some other number at the top when you log in ) maybe there is a PDF waiting for you, attached? Easy to miss.

I never had seen the reject order button. Here is the message I got from the seller:

"I will do your work after order time. I am delivering an empty work because gig time is going over. Hope you will understand. I will do your work when your DNS will update to default. I am here, you can chat with me any time."

So I’ve updated the DNS as requested and still no work completed.

And then I don’t get an answer, and I see that the Fiverr marked the order completed. I didn’t hit any reject button or seen a reject button.

I’m so frustrated. This is definitely not an advertisement to do business on fiverr.

I’ll contact support and see what they can do for me.

Reply to @jvalentin1: listen, just by reading your seller message, I can think about two problems:

  1. You didn't set the thing correctly, so your seller had not the possibility to complete the order: this would be your fault

  2. You sent all the necessary informations and your seller had everything he needed to complete the order: in this case, seller was not allowed to deliver an empty gig (it's against ToS) and you should have hit the Request modification button
  3. immediately.

I think that now, if the order was automatically marked as complete, you can only wait for your seller to answer or you can contact Customer Support.
Please remember that a correct communication between seller and buyer is the key to a successfull business for both :)