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[HELP] Seller Messing Me Around and Sent Personal Contact Details

Hey guys,

I had placed an order for a gig, today it was meant to be due, the seller came to me and tried to say that fiverr had blocked his account, which I thought was strange, but went along as I was not in a need for the order quick, but now the seller has pretty much sent me a file with his contact details on it and said not to speak about it on Fiverr.

I have obviously reported this and sent the screen shots to Fiverr, but I’m now worried that I’ve lost my money and not going to get a refund? I have in no way contacted him outside of Fiverr as I know this results as a ban on the site.

Thanks for any help or advice!!


If fiverr had blocked his account, he would not have been able to message you, so he is not telling the truth.

I would have first canceled the order from my side, and given in the message that it was because of him sending you contact details. If you had done it that way, you would have been refunded, because once a seller is blocked, you loose your money.

I would contact Customer Services and screenshot everything, send them copies and ask them if you can have a refund.

I actually think your should be ok to get this refunded. Support will likely block their account and cancel their pending orders which would give you a refund.
They may have had their account restricted and so not be able to do certain things but that’s still not a reason for them to go outside Fiverr’s rules

The status of the order now just says LATE and that I can cancel the order or put a request in, I didn’t feel comfortable speaking to this guy again as his message he sent me said “dont talk about this on fiverr” I just said all this in the request I sent to Customer Services and screen shots of everything.

Cut of any further contact with the suspended/terminated seller and report the situation to Fiverr customer service. If you’ve already contacted CS, don’t create additional tickets and wait for a response on the original ticket.

You can go ahead and cancel the order and your funds should return to your Fiverr account balance.

Might be a good idea to better vet sellers you purchase from in the future.


I definitely agree! He had over 100 5 star reviews, so I guess I was just really surprised, but have learnt my lesson now!

Unfortunately, there exists seller accounts with artificial/fake paid for 5 star orders, or accounts that are purchased from other users. It’s a good idea to look at any samples of recent work delivered, or quickly glance at their reviews to see if they all come from the same few buyers and with all small, non-descriptive reviews.

I agree with this - if you have the option then cancel now. The seller is going to be banned anyway so it’s unlikely you will get what you paid for.


How would I go about doing this? When I hit cancel it says it will state the seller, I’m worried he’d get spooked? I’ve tried to see if I can even still see his account and it just has a blue banner stating that it’s not available anymore. The ticket I sent to Fiverr is still active and last activity was 10 mins ago, so I’m not sure if it’s them as they haven’t responded back to me yet.

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Ah, it may still be within the time that the seller would need to agree to cancellation.
I think they might just accept it and cancel if you ask. Either way, I am pretty sure you will be refunded when CS see the messages.

Customer support might take a few days to respond to your ticket. You don’t have to do anything else, fiverr will probably refund your money back to you

Good news! So Fiverr have cancelled the order and I got a full refund. Thanks guys for all the help :slight_smile:


As a seller here, and one who has only just seen your thread, I wanted to express my sadness and annoyance at your bad experience. I am so sorry this has happened to you, and it’s sellers like this who drive away good buyers. I am sure it’s a tall order to try again with a different seller but I know I and other sellers here in the forum will be deeply disappointed that a seller let you down. Grossly inconvenient and a waste of your time. So sorry…

Hello, I’ve never had issues with sellers on Fiverr until January really, which has been a shame, there’s so many of them who are just time wasters. So I’ve definitely seen a decline, which is a shame.
I’ve met so many lovely sellers too like yourself :slight_smile:
Thank you for the apology, I’m just glad fiverr were able to sort it.

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Cancel, cancel, cancel. Sadly far too many have rushed in with the idea that freelancing actually means freemoney.

What you describe is not a Seller, they are not even a small s seller. They are a large S piece of :poop:

As already advised do some real due diligence on people before leaping. Reviews can be false, or plain paid for. Or maybe those buyers only have standards as low as the seller, neither of which are your standards.

Look at the Gig and particularly real delivered work. If they offer an external portfolio, go look at that. Take your time, is the style of the work consistent or are they one minute apparently one type of person and the next a totally other type. Like one minute Picasso and the next Steven King. If so they may be using someone else’s work not their own.

Take great care with the $5 style of seller. Every job has its universal value - like a real Ferrari is worth $250,000 or the equivalent in your currency, to assume that a real Ferrari will be $5 is to ask for trouble. Freelancing allows for some efficiencies - like I don’t need a fancy building with a carpark, public toilets, a kitchen, security guards, cleaners, neon sign, reception… but the work I do still takes time that draws on decades of training & skill of experience. That should never be asked or delivered at $1 per hour anywhere.

Shortlist until you feel a connection with a Seller (not the cliché they want to foist on you) and talk to them. Not asking for free demo work or picking their brains for what should be paid, but just see if you seem simpatico.