HELP! Should I just pause/delete my gig? 😕


Hello, hard working sellers! :slight_smile:

I need your advice. I’m sure some of you read my other post where I was complaining about buyers not reading the gig’s description. It got worse! Almost every new order I got either does not include the resource for the summary or has nothing to do with my gig. I am opening dispute after dispute on each order while buyers accept the resolution and still do not provide what I ask for in order to complete the job. I got one seller ordering for the 5th time in the last two months not attaching the resource for his summary assignment.

I don’t know what to do anymore. I keep nicely explaining the same thing over and over but no one seems to care or understand. My Order Completion is at 78% with 21 cancellations in the last 60 days and 2 more awaiting to be accepted by the buyers.

I never cancel any other order for my other gigs, especially because buyers message me all the time prior to ordering — but this particular gig is driving me crazy:

At this point, I am even worried it would affect my sales if this keeps happening.

What would you do if you were me? Would you pause/delete the gig? :confused:


###Yes pause temporarily.


Pause gig for 5/9 days.


Yes, Ana, pause, don´t delete, you want to keep your good reviews! and then sit back and think hard about how you could possibly improve the situation.

Just some thoughts (maybe you did that already, then I hope someone else has better ideas):

Can you be clearer with the gig description that´s not in the ‘About this Gig’? The (tiny bit, I know, character limit, but still) like the name of your gig/packages and what you can put into the package descriptions, as that is what even buyers who don´t even look at the description, will see. I have 'Please read the ‘About this Gig’ or something like that in my gig package description, for instance.

Can you ‘plaster’ (like, make it stand out, not too decent for this purpose ;))the important info all over your gig images - recently a seller posted that people order gigs ‘just because they like the image’ and then cancel, so in turn that might mean many look at the images only and not the text, so maybe you can make better use of the images? I have ‘Please read the gig description BEFORE you order, Any questions? Message me’ and stuff like that pastered over gig images as text.

For people who don´t attach the resource - I don´t quite understand that, you don´t have a mandatory requirement to attach a file for your gig?

Hope it might help and better luck with that, sounds really annoying.


Seriously? A 78% cancellation rate? That’s crazy. [Oh, sorry, you meant completion rate, not that bad, could have been worse :slight_smile: ]


I’d pause the gig.

Also, you may wish to be careful about that one, because it’s related to academic work.

Another thing to consider: charge more for writing abstracts. It’s not an easy task, and the starting price of $5 might be way too tempting to the lazy folks or resellers.


Thank so much! Will definitely make some more changes to the gig.

Requirements are mandatory, but not attachments, because many buyers simply send a link instead of sending the file in downloadable format. Very often they just type in the title of the summary or the topic, thinking I also do research, when it is clearly mentioned in my gig that I do not.

Hopefully, by changing the images and package descriptions it will determine a change. :sunny:


I just noticed that I somehow switched ‘‘order completion’’ to ‘‘completion order’’ by mistake. :smile: Thank you for pointing it out!

And yes, that’s what I am trying to avoid. :smiley:


Not sure if you have already paused it.

I just thought of another solution which will have LESS impact on the gig placement on search. Pausing/Vacation has the greatest impact on a gig.

Increase the gig base price and ALSO increase the delivery time to like 29 days.

That way if you get orders, you will have plenty time to resolve it.

Just think about your options.


@djgodknows 29 days delivery? That risks turning off buyers. I wouldn’t buy a gig that it took that long to deliver. Yes I know a buyer doesn’t have to take that long to deliver. I am just impatient and I think the most I have waited was a week.


Well, I have had a 29-day delivery for 1 year now, had over 800 orders in that time. Depends on the type of gig, I guess…I do 30-40 articles per order, with a few smaller orders in between.


I don’t think @djgodknows suggested it as a long-term solution. It would be just for a few days until I figure out how to deal with the wave of ‘‘awesome buyers’’. :smile:


You could try out asking your buyers in the requirements to send a link to their topic inside a simple text file, which they need to attach (mandatory requirement, obviously), that might be less easy to confuse than if all they have to do is type some words in. Plus wouldn´t start the Gig timer before they sent it. Good luck with the changes!