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Help spread some insight to newbies?

Hello everyone! I am new to fiverr and I can’t help but notice that bringing traffic to your gigs is a nearly impossible task to accomplish! So to all the pros out there, any tips you can contribute to those in need?

Please comment!

Yes! Add a video to your gigs! If Fiverr likes your video, it will place your gigs above in the categorie you sorted it! When you’ll have your first order, other orders will keep flowing!

Reply to @shirinsep: thanks for the tip! Now as far as getting a video for advertisement, would you have any advice as to what kind of things to put in the video? And perhaps know anything about what kind of software to use for recording?

Reply to @dayjamikayla: Well for example for your first gig (sketch your photo…) You should first take a video of you briefly presenting your service, then explain why people should choose you instead of someone else, and then provide samples of your work: show a photo and write “before” and then your drawing saying “after”. And if you provide extras or different drawing style you can show one example of for example “cartoon style” another one of “paint brush style” another one of “realistic drawing”… But you should know more than me about this! If You want, I could help you with the making your video! I have the gear to record voice-over and to make a short video for you needs. You can contact me directly on my Fiverr page if you want :slight_smile: Hope this will help!

Reply to @shirinsep: Thanks so much!