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Help starting off

Hello! I am new to Fiverr and am having trouble starting off with selling and im wondering if anyone has any tips? (I am a graphic artist)

Hey, there are tons of questions exactly like this. Try using the search button, you’ll find hundreds of posts with useful information :slight_smile:

Basically, starters should check out the BUYER REQUEST section for gigs that they can do so they can get some positive feedback on the account :slight_smile:

The most reliable source is still the Fiverr Academy. This forum is cluttered with literally hundreds of threads that, while indirectly helpful, are spam-y in nature. I suggest you go on to the Academy, gather as much information as you can there, and apply everything you’ve learned.

@vigasan’s recommendation re: Buyer Requests is an ideal way to get gigs as early as now. Then again, you’ll have yourself pitted directly against thousands after thousands of users who will likely propose on the same listings as you do.

In my opinion, building a strong foundation is always the way to go: complete your profile, create optimized and strategic gigs, and practice sheer professionalism. That’s always the best way to start.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

You will get lots of tips here at forum…explore and get to know everything…

Hello i am new seller like you brother. Before creating the gigs i have search a lot about the fiverr that how fiverr works and how we can rank our gig up. You can get these info on fiverr forum ,fiverr academy and specially on google there are a lot of blog on google who have posted about the fiverr .
My advice is for you to please first do your homework about the fiverr see other sellers gig who are on top on recommended section.
One last thing don’t lose hope and keep playing with your gigs.


Fiverr Academy and Fiverr Academy only. Also the Fiver blog has useful information.
In the forum you only find thousands of posts with the exact same question asked by people who are to lazy to have a look at the Fiverr Academy.