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Help the new sellers getting orders


Hi! everyone. I am a new seller in fiverr and already got two successful five star review with valuable TIP as well. Please help he getting more and more orders so that I can work with great buyer satisfaction. Looking forward someone to get started.
Thank you all.

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You can gain “more and more orders” by marketing and promoting your gigs to the people who need your services. And yes, hard work will be involved if you wish to reach out to these people. Orders do not appear by magic. You will need to work hard to appeal to your target customers.

Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website. There are no easy roads to sales or success.


Thanks a lot for your reply.
As i am new here so i am not getting so accurate directions here. Could you please give some direction actually where and how I can promote my fiverr gigs by marketing?

Thanks once again


You can always visit envato’s forum for further direction in your marketing efforts, seeing as you are re-selling videohive templates.

But all kidding aside, would you rent out a store, sign a lease, stock on products, open shop and THEN ask people off the street on how to sell?

You need to plan your marketing strategically, this is not a “you do this and sales start pouring in” kind of thing.


Are you kidding me or insulting??? I think you are jealous of the every new sellers here. Look, there are thousands of seller in fiverr reselling videohive templates. But what if I or they buy the templates from the available marketplace with license of the products we are purchasing?


Do you offer each buyer of yours a unique licensing document that proves you purchase the template each time you make a sale?


Ha ha ha, you are talking like a little kid. Should I announce it? Why should I ask the buyer about the license document? If they ask me to purchase the stuffs they need only then I will discuss about it to them and if they are agree to pay overall cost only then I will buy the stuffs for them and and provide the license document. Didn’t you read all the seller and buyer instructions on fiverr???


You mean to tell me that you are using a videohive template as your main video demo to attract buyers, and also show them what they will be getting, and then when the buyer purchases your $5 gig, you are like:

“dear sir/madam, I need an additional $30 to buy the stuffs I need for the video you saw in my demo”

I think you are the kidder here in this conversation.

The only difference is: I was actually trying to be funny. You actually mean what you say.


Please do yourself a favour - check out @frank_d 's profile on the main site.

He knows what he’s talking about.

There have been many sellers doing what you are who’ve had their gigs and accounts removed because the VH designers come onto Fiverr specifically to find if their templates are being sold and get them shut down.


thank you so much dear. you have already given the answers of your questions in your discussion here. I only provide if buyers licensed stuffs only if they need it or ask me for their commercial or other else usage. And one thing is that, the buyers also should have the concept that it is not possible to get the licensed stuffs at only $5 OR $10.

Thanks a lot.


So you shouldn’t be selling them for $5 or $10 then?:wink:


Thanks for your valuable information here.
But what if i use the stuffs for my gigs which I already have purchased from the VH or other marketplaces and have a proper license document??
looking for your kind and right directions here.


The seller should have the concept that it is not possible to sell licensed stuffs at only $5 OR $10.



Only add-ons are for unlimited end products. Otherwise any license is for one final product.
“Single user, to create unlimited end products. The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee.”


You need to re-purchase every time you sell your gig.

both regular and extended licenses are SINGLE USE licenses.

You can’t pourchase once and make more than one video with said purchase.


VH works (generally) on an extended licence every time you sell a template, so you’d need to charge that amount extra every time.

The amount you’d need to charge varies depending on the template but can be over $50 a time.


They should, but they don’t. Many of them know next to nothing about licenses, and if they see that something is for sale on Fiverr, they believe that it must be legit, even though they’re basically buying stolen goods. And that leads new buyers to believe that it IS possible to get legit stuff for $5 or $10.


Thanks for your reply. If Any buyer doesn’t ask or don’t need to provide license document for his work or stuffs and he/she takes the full responsibility for his done project then what???


That would be like selling on stolen goods.


If you are selling licensed material, is your duty to inform the buyer about the license terms and charge the buyer for the due license.