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Help the new sellers to getting orders

Hi, every one
New to Fiverr. kindly help me to start my selling on fiverr because since two weeks i did not get any order yet.
Before fiverr i were working to multinational company from three years.But now i have decided to work my own in fiverr and i left my job. It will encourage me to hear from you.
Thanks to all.

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I don’t know your situation, but that seems like a bit of a rash decision when you aren’t making any money from Fiverr yet.


Here you go


yeah i know it is harsh decision from me. But i want to make my decision best ever

I think the best ever decision would be to dabble in something and make sure you can make a living off of it before you quit your day job. But that’s really just the quibbles of a part-time writer, so who knows.