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HELP: The order is canceled and the buyer's account is no longer available

Hi I recently completed an order. However the order is canceled now. I would like to contact the buyer then I find that the buyer’s account is no longer available. The money is returned to the buyer. What happened?? Is it a scam?? He was happy with my work and left me a 5-star review. How was the order canceled? This is unfair. I need the money please. :sob:


It sounds like a PayPal chargeback I’m afraid. The buyer would have disputed the transaction with PayPal, who have clawed back the money from Fiverr.

The only thing you can do is raise a ticket with Fiverr Customer Support. Give them as much evidence as you can to show that you delivered the work as requested and that the buyer was happy. I believe Customer Support will attempt to dispute the chargeback.

Good luck.


Thanks a lottttt!!! I will try:anguished:

Hello sorry this happened to you!

Did you get an email message about why it was cancelled?

No there’s no any msg. I have messaged customer service but they still hasn’t replied me yet

Any feedback? Think I’m doomed in a very similar case like you, except that I can’t confirm if he’s fraud- and he’s still out there.