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Help... The search engine cannot find my gig

Guys, I was trying to find my gig service by using the Fiverr search box’s. But, I can’t find it although I am searching with my username as the keyword.

And I also was using many keywords like the tags, title, and so on which related to the gig. But, the result is always showing other gigs and mine doesn’t included.

Then, it means, I will never get any order because nobody can find me…

Please help me… Thank you…

Don’t rely on only the Fiverr search system for your sales. You have the ability to promote your own gig elsewhere online and offline, and bring in your own customers. Please take responsibility for your own gig success. Treat it like a business, don’t sit back expecting everyone to come find you on their own.

What keywords do you use to search for your gig?

Umm, the browse doesn’t work either. Both the search and browse ask people to submit a request at the end if they didn’t see what they liked, which probably accounts for the skyrocketing requests that are in fact exact matches to Gigs that are already offered (sometimes many are available).

One of the methods I use to check the validity of purchases is to browse/search for the item I was sent to via elsewhere. If I can’t find it except being directly sent to it from somewhere else, I deem it suspicious and do not buy. I (sensibly) do this for security purposes.

Then there’s the fact that the website is -telling- people it’s not there. That’s a problem. If you’re a mechanic and someone stops all your customers on the way in and tells them you are out of business, they will leave. That’s not your fault. In this example, Fiverr is the person telling them you’re out of business.

I agree that people should be responsible for promoting their Gigs. I do that. Someone contacted me and said that they could not place an order. I still have not received an order from them. Will I lose a customer? Did I lose other customers that I brought to my Gigs if they also encountered issues? I also got a notice that a conversation was updated, but there is nothing new displaying. That is just the very latest in a string of bugs that I seem to have a knack for ending up right in the middle of. Something odd is going on with Fiverr. If Fiverr has problems, it reflects negatively on me (and every other Seller). Most Buyers will not differentiate between a Fiverr problem and an artlifeoriginal problem.

No, we should not rely only on the search/browse for sales, but everyone should expect it to work properly the majority of the time, which it does not. Bugs are to be fixed, not defended.

If you are experiencing what you perceive to be errors on the site, please contact Customer Support. They’ll be able to address it, and if something is indeed broken, they have the power to fix it.

Yes I agree with you that you don’t have to rely on the search box in Fiverr. But, if people can find us through the search box it can help a seller who a newcomer rise.
many customers like to walk around to find something that will match with his needs.

Then, if they are only see the Featured gigs, then the other gigs which is new will be sunk.

The keywords are, “kufi”, “Calligraphy”, “lutfia1313”, “square kufi”, and “Murabba”.

I know, but if something doesn’t need to be fixed, and nothing’s broken, I’ve wasted someone’s time.

The thing is, though, are people really typing “kufi”,“lutfia1313″, “square kufi”, or “Murabba” into Fiverr’s search engine? :wink:

You need to use keywords that people are using to find gigs.

I had to google what kufi meant. Haha.

i am really worried how the search is working. my gig for slogans does not appear in the search. if i search for “original slogan” it does not come up. if i search for “original slogan #” it comes up first place! I have now deleted the gig and will create it anew, maybe there is a bug with old gigs?

and yes, i came to fiverr because there are many buyers who use the search to buy gigs. if i have to promote my gig myself, there is no use for fiverr, people can buy it from me direct

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well same issue, that’s how I found this forum. So from what I just read and understand, I need to take my customers from my social network, who I invoice for 2.5% fee and send them to fiverr so I can lose 20% + 2.5% from paypal to make sales to get my rank up so I can be found? maybe im confused. At 20% fee, I do expect to sit back and rely on the search browser to help potential buyers find sellers items. This is not sarcasm by the way, but I must be missing something, I know people sell a lot of gigs on fiverr so I do know it is legit.