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Help, there are people from Upwork contacting me

I don’t know what’s going on, I’m gonna be honest, I don’t know English very well, but some people are contacting me because they want me to create an Upwork account and try to use my computer in a strange remote way with a program, it would be an isolated case but i haven’t had any sell in Fiverr and 3 persons have contacted me for what I mentioned,
Have this happened to any of you? What should I do?
2 of them I denied them, but there is one active.

Hi @arigatoespacial, just report those users and block them. They’re scammers.

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Yeah, thanks I suspected that from the begining, I was really weird that 3 persons from asia, all web designers from upwork just said the same things, I even did one call with someone that told me he was from Japan but actually sound like ¿Indian? 3 of them look like they wanted remote control of my computer, is such a relief that i denied them.


You’re most welcome!

Never do that again. You’re risking getting a warning or even banned. All communication must be held through Fiverr’s chat, unless you have permission from CS and only for very specific situations.

Please carefully read Fiverr’s Terms of Service

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Ok, I will not do it again