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Help! This is killing me! Quick little rant but I'd appreciate the help! :D


Hello! I have read numerous posts on how the fiverr experience is the hardest at your early days trying to get the first few orders!

Well when I posted my first gig I got flooded with orders! Delivered them all on time and always got 100% rating and shot up straight to level 2 status in 2 weeks!

All of a sudden it’s all gone! :frowning: I am not receiving much sales. Right now I haven’t received an order in nearly 24 hours! That is unheard of considering my last two weeks!

Maybe I am over -reacting but I see it happens to a lot of people from reading the threads but I can’t help but feel frustrated, thus this rant!

If anybody got some tips feel free to share them! Do you think I should contact support?

Also I have just revamped and re polished my gigs with new, more targeted keywords and and title! I hope to god this helps!

I’m saving up my fiverr money for a trip!


Sorry for the long rant!! :slight_smile:

Keep it cool people! best of luck and have a nice day!



Don’t worry about it :slight_smile: I average 10-15 orders a day, but from time to time I get 0 sales for a couple of days. Happens to everybody! There are times when people on fiverr just don’t buy anything! If it makes you feel any better I was considering ordering your gig yesterday, but then I couldn’t think of what I would use it for ;( That means you have the ability to sell, but nobody wants to buy right now!



It’s really feast or famine around here and I don’t know why. You need to just roll through the dry times and try to be creative during that time, putting your energy into a new gig or social media, message boards, etc.


Thanks for the replies guys! :smiley: I just read on another forum that people are reporting slow sales on fiverr! they reckon it’s from that little shut down they did sunday!

I don’t know… I guess we just have to ride it out! Also I have plans for other gigs so a few quite days will get me properly bringing them together!

Thanks again folks! @crcanny @ryangillam


I think I delivered about sixty orders in my first two weeks here, which blew my mind, considering Blondey seemed to be top dog in my category. You’re not going to have sales EVERY day. 24 hours? That’s really not a long time if you think about it. You have 3 orders in queue in one of your gigs anyway! There’s really no reason to freak out over not having a sale in less than 24 hours. If you go a week completely dry, then you’d have something to worry about.

Sales usually even out. I went from getting 5-6 orders in 12 hours to about 2-3 orders in 12 hours. I expect sales to pick up soon though, as everyone is getting their taxes back. :smiley:


Don’t worry about it. Its the nature of the beast. Its also Chinese New Years week so a lot of people are taking time off.


@mrspanda @beatcraigslist Yea I guess maybe I am feaking out a bit! Thanks for your input. It actually relaxed me to see that this these type of dry spells happen!

Thanks again!


Just to report that the Universe is back in sync with me! :smiley: I’m getting crazy orders right now! Don’t know how I’m gonna manage them all!