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Help to first Order .?

Hi… all
I am new freelancer My need to first Order immediately with :heart:


Best regards


Welcome to fiverr. Active your account and follow fiver rules

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U offer proofread and alot of things, actually your gig and description + about yourself is in bad shape of English. So how could you provide professional translation from English to German, including proofreading documents?

Seems like you have been copy paste other people gigs

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Not dear I thinking and writing . You say bad writing . If you take one order than you know how I am professional ok

God bless you

Are you video create song . I freely provide my best song be your favorite and I promise you will be successful :neutral_face:

I am not a dear, and you cant provide Translations and Proof reading service if your English is bellow 2.

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You are absolutely right.

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